Focus Group - Greece


Participant name Position
Poda Aikaterini

Municipality of Katerini, Chief of the Department of Planning & Transparency

Valkouma Thalia

Municipality of Volvi, Consultant of the Mayor

Karapoulios Dimitris

Merimna Katerini, President

Zapounidis Konstantinos

Pieriki Development agency, Senior Project Manager

Michailidis Konstantinos

Region of Central Macedonia, Director of the Independent Directorate of  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support of the Region of Central Macedonia

Satrazemis Stergios

KEK Thalis, President of Board of Directors

Antoniou Theodoros

Kastoria Development Agency, Scientific Expert

Arletos Georgios

Municipality of Ioannina, Deputy Mayor for Works, Infrastructure, Energy, Sustainable Urban Mobility, Traffic-Transportation Issues

Votis Konstantinos

Information Technologies Institute, Main researcher

Topaloglou Lefteris

University of Thessaly, Research Associate at the Department of Planning and Regional Development at the University of Thessaly. / Teaches in the Graduate Programme and in Post Graduate Programme, “European Regional Development Studies”.  / Director of the Regional Association of Local Governments of Western Macedonia (PED DM)

Anastasiadis Ioannis

EGTC Helicas, Director of the European Territorial Cooperation Group (EGTC) ELIKAS

Topalidis Iasonas

Software Engineer at Aratos net, Software Engineer at Aratos net

Pylarinos Markos

IT Expert at Aratos net, IT Expert at Aratos net

Kolovos  Akis

Network Technician at V-store, Network Technician at V-store

Molisits Antonis

IT Expert at V-store, IT Expert at V-store