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Owner of Tu Hotel Al Dia



My name is Pepa Ruiz, I’m from Andalucia and I am 48 years old.


During half of my life I enjoyed Tenerife, where I live nowadays and where I arrived after finishing my studies searching for a better professional future in the Tourism world.


I could say that I started working in hotels since that moment, but I would be lying. The hotel industry it’s in my DNA ever since, because for family reasons I grew up in hotels since I was 8 years old.


The hotel lingo, the customers, the service, the reception and the buffet… they were part of my natural environment in which I always felt like a fish in the water. My professional destiny, therefore, was clear to me since I was a child, because at that time I was already playing “at reception” with my sisters.


Time passed quickly. And the moment arrived.


This 17 years of experience in hotels in Tenerife in the accommodation area, improved my professional experience, including also the year in Switzerland where I worked to improve my german. During those years I have grown personally and professionally and also learned and worked a lot. As this it’s a profession that requires much dedication and effort. You work for others to enjoy, and this brings you satisfaction and great experiences. 

My best friends, who are now my family, I met them on the island. None of them it’s from Tenerife, we came here with the illusion of youth, the will to learn, work and live in this ideal surrounding, in which it's easy to  feel lucky. 

After the stage in hotels, and almost accidentally stumbled upon the Revenue Management Area, I decided to change my professional life, creating my own activity as a freelance in this area that I have been for 7 years.

I collaborate with hotels and tourist accommodation to optimize their online sales. It is an enriching work. Besides working for me, it is very satisfying to see the results of your contribution.

This experience has enriched me professionally, passing from going from the hectic rhythm, hierarchical at times, with endless and marked schedules, to work in a freer, independent way, which allows me to flex my time and energy, while remaining close to the hospitality world, without being physically present. The level of responsibility and dedication is perhaps higher, but with more freedom and satisfying.


I hope to continue in this line, although without great plans for the future, especially in these times! And always open to continue enjoying my work and above all, my life.


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