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Output 01: Best practice examples (Latvia)

Hi, my name is Inga. My story will not be about fairy tales and will be about them. Today I am a Project Manager, Coach and Personal Growth Coach, Game Maker, Acupressure and Aromatherapy Massage Therapist and various types of Therapist - Color Therapist, Aromatherapist and more. Why do I want to tell about my color and diversity, because it is my story and the story of me.

I grew up in a good family but poor. When I graduated high school, I didn't have the money  to go to the college and my grades wasn't so excellent to get budget. Very soon after graduating from high school, I got married and become a Mom. My marriage wasn’t successfull and it’s failed. That day I promised myself that I would never give up on my life and the lives of my children.

I borrowed money and went to accounting courses, shortly after finishing the course I found a job. I started as an assistant accountant, but after 3 months I was the chief accountant in 22 companies. I entered university and started studying Business Administration and Economics. At that time, come my second daughter and had to leave university for health reasons. Then my "big life" began. Divorce. I raised the children alone and financial support was minimal. I worked in three jobs and used to fall asleep preparing to eat, waking up only when the house was already full of smoke. The career seemed brilliant from the accountant of the dother company to the chief accountant of the mather company. I work very hard and over my limits. I was afraid of losing job, being without money. I didn't have an security bag behind me, I have only myself. I create my own securtity bag, working in several jobs, if one is gone, the other will stay. I wouldn't give up on education either, I would return to University, but I couldn't lift it financially and I left again. I was looking for a lot of different free educational opportunities - I started at the Riga Building college study architecture, I didn't finish because I couldn't connect with children and work. I started studying office work management at the technical school, did not finish, by the same reason. I started studying at the College of Business Administration, I did not finish. The punch came one after the other, but I kept looking, doing, going. In this model I lived for 10 years, then came the fatal moment when my health said enough. And I had to realize that something would have to change in my life. I also had to find out that my children have suffered because Mom is never there, she always works. It was a day when I realized that there could be nothing worse than if you have only one profession, you have only one choice and thats all, but I didn't have the idea, how to manage all spheres of my life together. After the illness, I had a one and a half year rehabilitation period when I could not work. At that time, I met one special person who told me just one phrase: "There's a lot you can do from one point, too." So, I promised myself that I would change my life. Although I sit at home and could not work, I started studying online. I learned different professions. I learned everything I found interesting from candle making to conflict management, from color therapy to leadership. In less than two years, I obtained more than 10 different certificates. I gradually started doing massages, leading yoga classes and most importantly, these certificates and all this education lead me to my educational games. I started producing educational games for schools and more. My games are in at least 40 Latvian schools, both in business incubators and in learning processes. I have to chance control my time and my life, I do what I like and what inspires me. Health returned, I returned to work. But at work close to my heart. I also continue what I have started. My eldest daughter is now 19 years old and is studying at the University of Greenwich in UK. And my multifaceted education, my multifaceted view of things and life is my strength right now. I am no longer afraid of losing my job because I know I can do a lot. I choose the job instead of the job chosen me. And that's the biggest plus of my life. I continue to study and I will do it in the future, because as many doors as my education have opened for me, nothing else will do. I am completely healthy, colorful and happy right now. In life, sometimes things are no easy and you have to fight for your life, but it will always be worth it. Every victory in my life is empowerment for my soul. And the main thing that inspires me is that I have something to give - not only to myself, not only to my children, but also to people who surround me.

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