BPE - Greece

Erasmus+ BABBAT 2019-1-IS01-KA204-51131      
Output 01: Best practice examples (Greece)


My name is Kyriaki Frangou and I am an insurance consultant or mediator if you will. I have been working in the field of insurance since 2000. All these years I have been trained in various subjects related to my work.

I am currently working for one of the biggest insurance offices in Greece, in order to gain more and more experience in the field of insurances. In the same time, I maintain my own insurance office in Athens, Greece, in order to expand my experience and help even more of my co-citizens being insured or insure their possessions (e.g. houses, cars, boats, etc.).

I have certifications from the Bank of Greece, but at the same time I have attended many seminars related to the profession I practice. All these seminars, that I have attended are necessary for my work nowadays, because without them, i.e. without these certifications and specializations, I cannot practice my profession according to the law. On the other hand, though, all these aforementioned seminars have offered me a lot and as a person.

As a child, I have been inspired by the women figures of my family (i.e. my grandmother and my mother), who were always working hard all day and they were independent and taking care of themselves and their family. That is one of the many values that have past to me from the previous generations.

Another principle, that I have acquired from my family while growing up and trying to nurture and pass it to my own family now, is the principle of studying and continuous evolution. That is also the reason that even now, I embrace lifelong learning.

Moreover, one that was one the reasons that I chose this profession to practice. Because as an insurance consultant, we are being put in a process of evolution, in a process of learning that does not stop, since our profession requires to attend at least fifteen (15) hours of seminars and trainings every year, regarding all these products that we sell.

I also like to study and be informed and acquire knowledge, beyond my professional field. Some of my favourite subjects to study is issues related to the environment and local development.

It is sometimes a difficult process, but at the same time it is a process with many benefits, both professionally and personally. My involvement with this profession has made me much better as a person. I have learned to be interested in my fellow man; I have learned to offer.

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